Realty Marketing/Northwest is a real estate marketing and brokerage company with offices in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington and brokerage licenses in California, Idaho and Montana. Established in 1985, it is the largest operation of its kind in the northwestern United States and is the only company that conducts regularly-scheduled, semi-annual “umbrella” auction marketing campaigns for multiple Sellers throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and California. The firm has sold over $1.1 billion in properties.
Realty Marketing/Southeast was established in 1998 to serve forest products industry corporate clients in disposition of surplus lands throughout the southeastern United States.
Renowned for its creative marketing techniques, thoroughness of information provided and follow-through to close of escrow, Realty Marketing/Northwest and Realty Marketing/Southeast are widely acclaimed by both Buyers and Sellers.

What We Do

Since 1986, Realty Marketing/Northwest has conducted over 250 regional auctions and sealed bid marketing campaigns for which over 4,000 properties on behalf of 280 clients have been successfully marketed.

Realty Marketing/Northwest has conducted both stand-alone and scattered auctions for residential, resort, commercial, industrial, farm, ranch, and timber properties. Our auction-marketing program uses aggressive “unconventional” marketing, and involves an intense sales effort. It then utilizes the impact of competitive bidding to close sales to the highest bidders.
Realty Marketing/Northwest and Realty Marketing/Southeast use Published Reserved Prices. It does not use Hidden Reserves and does not use Buyers’ Premiums in its auction marketing strategies. We believe this is a more transparent and straight-forward way to auction real estate.